It had been called Villa Salavonsi (1069); Villa Salroni (1261), Villa Sabroni (XIII) and from the year 1483 it has been called Vilasaló.

Inside the house you can see part of a military, security tower (XII) that together with 2 more towers from Vall de Lord were used to guard the paths.

This rural house decades before, generation after generation, lived from the agriculture; they cultivated their lands and grazed their cattle, however it was affected by the building of the Llosa del Cavall reservoir and the expropriation of part of its lands. All this made the things change and it was then, in the year 1999 when the first tourism rural house from la Vall de Lord was born. It was a new vocation to the tourism and restaurant activity, that year after year, without loosing our family history and with the help of the new generations we have been promoting the concept of rural tourism, in which we are working and we are improving day by day in order to please our costumers.

The house that consists of 2 apartments and the restaurant, is located in the middle of la Vall de Lord, surrounded by the water of the Llosa del Cavall reservoir and in front of pine and oak trees mountains, that draw such a so characteristic landscape of the pre-pirinee.